Interior design

The perfect interior makes optimal use of as much space as possible; floors are kept on one level wherever possible; a refined, innovative, practical, and thorough design which offers comfort and safety even on high seas. Modern and robust, crafted from beautiful, durable, and timeless materials. Sturiër interiors are a showcase for the very best.

Exterior design

The perfect exterior has a solid and distinctive design, focusing on both luxury and performance; timeless, long-lasting design with an air of power and an eye for detail. Quality without compromise, built using the finest and strongest materials available, Sturiër yachts are seaworthy and more than well-equipped for long voyages throughout Europe and beyond.

Building a dream

What is your dream? Our experts love doing the impossible. Together, we can turn your dreams into reality: first in 3D design software, and then for real in the shipyard. We involve you in every step of the design and construction. We don’t believe in good enough; we believe in exceeding your every expectation.

Alles op eigen werf

Om uw droom te bouwen houden we graag alles in eigen hand. Van het ontwerp tot de complete oplevering. Daarom hebben we alle vakmanschap, technieken en expertise in huis om uit ruwe stalen en aluminium platen en grote boomstammen prachtige jachten te construeren. Volmaakt tot in de kleinste details. Luxe schepen zonder concessies.

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Quality without compromise.


Builder of Sturiër Yachts