Coastal waters, lakes, rivers, and canals
Enjoy boundless city trips along the German Elbe, the French canals, or the Frisian lakes: Sturiër Yachts offers the ultimate in boating pleasure. We take the restrictions and regulations for European inland waterways into account in every design, so you can enjoy your yacht with peace of mind. We take everything into account, from Rhine patents to the maximum permissible dimensions for the French canals.


Coastal waters and oceans
Featuring sophisticated hull designs calculated to optimise stability curves and roll periods, Sturiërs offer the highest achievable level of seaworthiness while maintaining every comfort. The smart designs are guaranteed to make your sea voyages enjoyable, and are well-prepared to handle unexpected rough conditions. The combination of a 3,000-mile range, quality without compromise, and competitive prices make our yachts extremely popular. We can deliver a wide array of boats, from our standard range to fully-equipped, semi-custom-built yachts.


We also supply all Sturiërs with hybrid drives. The hybrid technology offers you favorable fuel consumption figures, is quiet and guarantees safety if you unexpectedly get a motor failure.

Safe and robust

A Sturiër will soon convince you of its abilities. The robust build, seaworthy lines, excellent stability and the huge range provide a feeling of safety and the maximum level of comfort. It is guaranteed to offer you a lifetime of great adventures.

Builder of Sturiër Yachts